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"Small Business Saturday" Ideas

We know many small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open this year. Below, you will see some of our favorite small businesses that we support in our playrooms!

Sootheze Weighted Animals

Many of Dr. Sarah's clients LOVE this weighted Sootheze raccoon. If raccoons are not your thing, there are many other animals. They can be warmed, or cooled and smell really nice. Use the code "HUGS" for a 25% off coupon.

Click the photo to go to their website

Brandy's Bag of Air

Dr. Brandy Schumann (owner of Therapy on the Square in McKinney) started a "bop bag" company, to provide durable therapeutic punching bags in play therapy. Brandy's Bag of Air bags are pricey, but worth it. Dr. Sarah has had hers since 2010, and it still hasn't broken.

Click the photo to go to her website

Stacy's Sensory Solutions

Stacy's Sensory Solutions was created by Stacy and her husband, when they discovered their daughter had sensory needs, and they wanted to provide her support. While Stacy makes wonderful weighted blankets, everything at her store is wonderful! They accepted major insurances, and currently have Black Friday deals.

Click the photo to go to their website

Big Life Journal

We love the Big Life Journal!!! If you are looking to help your child or teen have a growth mindset (using the power of yet), check out these materials. You can also sign up for their email list and get free printables on Fridays.

Click the photo to go to their website

Folkmanis Puppets

Our favorite puppets are by Folkmanis. They are durable and facilitate creativity, and come in a variety of sizes. A client favorite is the caterpillar/butterfly combo.

Click the photo to go to their website

Stop, Breathe, Think meditation app

Stop, Breathe, Think is a wonderful meditation tool, and they have apps for children, adults, and schools. It is very user-friendly, and modifies each meditation, based on the feelings you choose that day. They are currently running a special on their yearly and lifetime memberships.

Click the photo to go to their website

We hope you and your family enjoy these small business ideas! They make a big difference in and out of the playroom.

With love,

- Dr. Sarah

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