Connection for Musicians:  Support for the Performing Artist 


About this Event


A Group Dedicated to Supporting and Uplifting Performing Musician in Times of Uncertainty

As musicians, we are often nurtured and energized by the ability to collaborate and connect musically with audiences and other musicians and artists. Losing gigs, experiencing financial insecurity, and deeply missing our most prized way of communicating is overwhelming. Many of us have experienced similar issues of loss and grief in a very particular way as performing artists.


In this group, we will approach self-care and wellness through the practice of:

·       Telling our unique stories and experiences

·       Learning simple grounding exercises and breathing techniques

·       Mindfulness based journaling prompts 

·       Processing our feelings 


We will focus on:

·       Providing ourselves a safe space to grieve our losses.

·       Preventing issues many performing artists may be experiencing at this time such as anxiety and depression.

·       Sharing resources, referrals, and self-care practices.


When will we meet:

We will meet weekly at 1:30-3PM CST for four weeks on the following dates:

June 11

June 18

June 25 

July 2


Although many of us are struggling during this time, please remember that you are not alone. 


Group led by: Lauren Stroh, MS, NCC, LPC Intern 

Supervised by: Dr. Sarah E. Carlson, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, E-RYT 200, YACEP


Sign up by emailing:

Cost: Pay what you can (Suggested $15-$25) 

Find us:

4100 West 15th Street, #220

Plano, Texas 75093

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