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When Dr. Carlson started the group, it was like a dream come true.  My otherwise anxious son was willing to part with his friends in the class room and enter the realm of social interaction, interactions that pushed him to take turns, empathize, listen, control emotions.  Dr. Carlson's teachings were both concentrated and potent - my son walked out of school a more socially adjusted young man.  What I tremendously value was Dr. Carlson's message of shared ownership where she would meet the kids and send home guidelines for parents to reaffirm her message.  Given the opportunity, I would leverage this service from her not once, not twice but as many as they would allow!

“My dad brought me to a therapist. I met with Sarah every Friday morning. Just a look 

into her kind and knowledgeable eyes, and I immediately felt better...Sarah comforted me in her colorfully decorated office and I felt as if I could tell her anything and everything... I still don’t think I could have gone through it without her. I’m grateful she was there for 

me and she inspired me to be a therapist myself when I get older.” 

- a former client (who had a parent facing a life-threatening illness)

“We were referred to Dr. Sarah, because our preschool aged son was having a difficult time in day care and at home controlling his anger, specifically, when he got mad, he would bite his friends and little brother. Dr. Sarah patiently and professionally earned his trust and helped him identify his “big” emotions, and what to do with them. She also supported me and gave me resources to help me help him.  I highly recommend her!” 

- parent of a 7 year old 

“We have been practicing the dinner table (feelings) discussion. Every single time, it has been a wonderful conversation and the kids really "get it", and have not hesitated to vulnerably say something...thank you for guiding us all on this journey. 

- parent of an 11 year old 
- parent of a 4 year old in a social skills group

Thank you SO VERY MUCH.   Everything you have done means the world to us.   Also, as my husband said, it is so nice to hear the nice wonderful things about our daughter.   Not only is it fantastic for her but it really helps us.   She is a very vibrant, sweet, warm, funny, silly and loving little girl.... I truly believe that, in time, the bad times will start to fade.

- parent of a 5 year old 

I have to tell you that after he sees you, he is so much more calm when I have to leave the house.  Of course I have been trying not to leave too much since I work full time but when I do have to go it seems much easier on him.

Thanks again for all you have done for us.

- parent of a 3 year old 

Sarah, thank you for arranging your schedule to be with our teachers today.  The methodology you shared with them today provides them with practical steps to improving relationships in their classrooms.  The responses and comments about your sessions were very positive.  You honored their work with young children and their significance in the lives of their students.  Thank you again for building the workshop into your very busy schedule.

- Elementary school curriculum coordinator

I just wanted to tell you that my child is doing fabulously!  Over the break, we took our bikes to the store for repairs/air.  While I was telling the service technician what each bike needed, she decided to get out a new bike (and much bigger bike) without training wheels and try it on her own.  I looked over my shoulder to see her riding around the store as if she had always been riding without training wheels for years!  She was so proud of herself!  Needless to say, we left with a new (used) bike in her size and without training wheels.

- parent of an 8 year old
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