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Self-Care During the Holidays: Advice from Maryam

With the holiday season amongst us, we can all agree that things look very different this year. Masks, distancing, Lysol wiping does not necessarily scream holiday joy. There’s a lot of stress we are experiencing and that stress can damper our joy.

It’s important to know that stress is a normal and healthy experience. It’s our body’s way to protect us when it perceives a threat. Think big scary bear in front of you... Your stress can save you by going into fight or flight mode. However, our body tries so hard to protect us that it perceives every distressful event as a big scary bear.

With this new normal, it’s important to understand your stress levels, find ways to regulate, and still make time for yourself and your loved ones in a pandemic friendly way. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Sometimes, we just need to focus on surviving in order to thrive and taking it day by day (or in my case, hour by hour.)

In the spirit of holiday travels, try creating a personalized holiday packing list to refer to when you’re feeling the big scary bear approaching. I know we can’t leisurely travel at the moment, but think of it as a packing list to your ideal destination that brings you a sense of peace, ease, and joy.

Your holiday packing list can include your favorite items that gets you to a place where you feel secure. Maybe your...

  • Big plush throw

  • Fuzzy slippers

  • Your favorite holiday mug (with hot chocolate or tea)

  • A playlist that makes you want to DANCE

  • A big candle that fills your space with a scent that reminds you of your favorite holiday memory

  • Bath bombs or bath salts that you can soak into to melt away body stiffness and tension

  • A classic recipe of your go to holiday meal you can recreate

Whatever is on your packing list, it’s a list that is just for you. Feel free to include friends and family on your list and share a virtual cup of hot cocoa or watch your favorite movie online.

While we wait for the world to settle, try settling in with your list and remember that it’s been a hard year! You deserve some time off.

Wishing you all a safe holiday year!

Lots of love,


-- Maryam Munis, MS, LPC Associate, NCC Supervised by Dr. Sarah Carlson, LPC-S, RPT-S, E-RYT 200, YACEP (469) 609-7137

If you or someone in your family need additional support, you can contact Maryam at (469) 609-7137 or

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