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Dr. Carlson began her yoga journey in 2012 after needing some more movement in her life. After dancing for over 20 years, and knowing that movement helped her feel grounded and happy, she decided to start taking yoga classes. She also found that yoga was helpful to manage the stress and anxiety related to her agency job. She finished the 200-hour teacher training program at Sunstone Academy in July of 2014 and has been forever changed. Dr. Carlson spent time teaching at SunstoneFIT's Academy, helping others become well-rounded, and empathic yoga teachers. Dr. Carlson taught at SunstoneFIT from 2015-2020.

While working at SunstoneFIT, Dr. Carlson taught a variety of yang-based (fast and strong) classes, including Hatha (Hot) yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Barre, and High Intensity Interval Training. While teaching, she realized she herself needed more balance and yin (calm/healing) energy. At this time, she pursued her certification in yin yoga, which focuses on holding floor poses for long periods of time, to get deep into the connective tissues of the body, and find a more meditative state.

In April of 2020, Dr. Carlson completed Dallas Yoga Center's Mindfulness Certification Training program (MCT). In this program, she learned the basic principles of mindfulness, including evidence-based practices. She learned from some of the leading mindfulness scholars, including Dr. Christopher Willard, Meena Srinivasan. Dr. Carlson loves to share mindfulness with children, families, and adults. 

Dr. Carlson finished her Oh Baby! Fitness® Pre/Postnatal Certified Instructor training in June of 2020. This certification allows Dr. Carlson to teach clients at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, and to help them feel strong and empowered in their changing bodies.  

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